Sunday, September 16, 2007

Imagine driving with no gas and make money!

Hydrogen Fusion Nanodetonator Cars
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nanodetonator. Hydrogen Fusion. New Technology. Drive your car with no gas.

You will be able to drive your car with nanodetonators. Hydrogen Fusion cars
Without gasoline or diesel...
No emissions
More power
Better than hybrids, electric cars, hydrogen fuel...
Dealers wanted nationwide

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Gas & Diesel vehicle fuel conversion technologies. Hydrogen Fusion alternative energy.

Nanodetonator. Hydrogen Fusion. Run your car with no gas or diesel. Dealers wanted.

If you are like most drivers, then you will want to learn more about reserving our PRE-IPO Cost Free License to be one of the first to have this breakthrough NEW NanoDetonator technology installed on your personal vehicles. We are seeking to identify environmentally concerned vehicle owners who are fed up with foriegn oil dependency and want to save thousands of dollars per year on current gas or diesel expenses.

As amazing as this new patent pending technology may sound, seeing is believing, so please watch the video news clips below to see how hydrogen fuel alternatives have progressed in recent years. If you would be interested in the conversion of your vehicles to NanoDetonator technology, reserve your license now. For those who do, your license could eventually be worth millions of dollars in the near future.


are fed up of with the out of control fuel prices, soon to reach $5.00
per gallon, never mind wanting to end the OPEC oil monopoly and our
foreign oil dependency. As more people learn about green house gases
and the impact of Global Warming, even more outrage is building with
the lack of action on finding the pollution solution.

COMPANY will stand and deliver America from future riots at the gas
pump, chaos in Wall Street and continued paralysis in Washington. That

As an
Alternative Energy Company, our initial goal is to secure 2,000
licensees to introduce America to our Controlled Hydrogen FusionTM (CHF) Vehicle Engine Technology. Our NanoDetonatorTM
Spark Plug and Fuel Injection Replacement Cartridges will eventually
convert millions of vehicles to Controlled Hydrogen Fusion Energy.

IS NOT a chemical combustion, like hydrogen, gasoline or diesel. CHF IS
a form of actual nuclear fusion, two atoms at a time,
precisely delivered to your engines cylinders through our exclusive

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